Good News!
Debt Free Banking For Essential Workers is On Its Way*.

Which Means:
No Student Loan,
Auto Loan,
or Credit Card Payments

We start opening accounts and accepting Direct Deposits in 2022...

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*In late 2022, DriveFree™ members can go to and open a Checking Account with Pink Financial Bank, a Fintech Bank Project under PayZero® Incorporated management. The main attraction to Banking Pink™ will be our revolutionary online banking platform Respend25. Adding Respend25 to any checking account will make your bank shift up to 25% of the cost of your monthly bills towards the financial strategy of your choice, without cutting expenses, and while all of your monthly bills are paid on time and in full.

Pink Financial Bank opens in late 2022.  Until then, we can help you set up Respend25 at your bank today.

Payment Freedom


Payment Freedom


Payment Freedom


Payment Freedom


Got Mortgage Debt?

Say no to Auto Loan Debt

Student Loan Payments Paid by banking with us...

Credit Card Debt Causing Stress?

What will be so special about banking with Pink Financial?

Answer: Your Opportunity to bank without the burden of consumer debt eating away at your savings.

Join the waiting list for when Pink Financial is fully operational as a digital bank at You will experience what happens when a bank allows you to use online banking to recirculate your money. Then your float is used to service the monthly debt payments of your mortgage, vehicle loan, student loan, and credit card payments.  Go ahead. Sign the New Account Holder waiting list at Waiting List.

That is what banking without the burden of monthly debt is all about.   Banking Pink.   A new way to bank.

We have already started our “Instant Payment Freedom” program for Auto Loan Payments. If you have any remaining auto loan payments, you can add the Respend25 strategies to your checking account Right Now at your bank!  Each month your auto loan will be paid with float money independently from your household budget! 1-833-321-9376

Safe At Any Bank

ReSpend25 works at any bank that receives direct deposits of your household income and has electronic bill pay.  Since 2000, we have helped thousands of people get started at Chase Bank alone and hundreds with USAA. Recirculation works in our digital business model at The strategies will work at your bank because they work at ours.

Fast, worry-free banking

Your money is safe. All deposits will be held at FDIC-insured banks.4 Peace of mind. That’s everything. That’s no-worries virtual banking.

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Win Win Banking

When you open a digital bank account with Pink Financial™, you get out of debt and make money banking. That’s the Pink Bank Way.

Win at Banking

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